27 Hot CSS & Vector Icon Resources

27 Hot CSS & Vector Icon Resources

What's the longest time you spent looking for the right icon? Thanks to some amazing developments in the icon design world in the last couple of years, the days of the marathon icon searched are over. No more long hours with your favorite beverage trawling through crappy links or being forced to use the same rare-but-awesome sets before attempting to design your own.

If you haven't updated your icon resources file for a while then you are in for a treat. From CSS only icons to gorgeous vectors and more, the choice has become endless rather than restricitve which means... hours drooling over awesome icon sites! Oh well, better grab that favorite beverage after all.

  • 1. Nucleo

    Nucleo is a library of 1290 vector icons and a web app to manage and customize them. Each icon has been mouse-crafted with love, and built on a pixel-perfect grid. Use the app to customize the icons and create your own set variation. Single user license is $50 with ten user licenses at $150.

  • 2. Futuramo

    From light to bold, from square to round. Futuramo is a system of over 16,000 stylistically compatible user interface icons (1082 icons × 16 styles) with instant search, sets, tools for size, color, style, swatches, and a continuously growing icon database. Free and premium $48 accounts available.

  • 3. Streamline Icons

    A minimal design for the biggest iOS7 icon collection. Color scheme inspired by the tropical colors of Miami houses. 1600 Vector Icons for Designers & Developers, ready for IOS 8, Android, websites and applications. Packs from $69.

  • 4. Squid Ink

    Squid.ink Flat Icon Pack offers 2000 handcrafted, consistent and pixel-perfect icons ready to use. The icons have been specially built to match the current design trends and to help you expand on your projects. 50 free icons are available as well as 2000 icons for $45 (time limited offer).

  • 5. Icon Melon

    Icon Melon lets you select icons and filter effects before downloading and you can start adding icons with snippets. Use CSS to style the icons; You can set a fill property to specify an icon color, plain width/height for icon size and stroke/stroke-width for stroke. There are no costs however donations can be made and you can contribute your own icons.

  • 6. SVG Icons

    All icon sets featured are from free Dribbble shots with the original link so you can download them. The SVG Icons site was built by Baptiste Briel mainly for himself to avoid repetitive tasks but we think it's a great idea. Also available is LESS for preprocessor peeps.

  • 7. Freepik

    Good ol' Freepik. High quality resources and dozens of original designs created and uploaded daily by Freepik's own design team PLUS the best free graphic resources found by the Freepik site crawler.

  • 8. UISurf

    UISurf is a 'delightful' source for exclusive premium and free goods. Charming icons, impressive mockups, remarkable UI kits and many more goods are available. All free!

  • 9. SmartIcons - Smart SVG icon system

    SmartIcons offers 2600 icons in the catalogue plus at least 100 new icons released every month. You can style the whole set or individual icons with a few lines of CSS. Icons available include '800+ free forever' icons, 3000+ icons yearly at $49 and a lifetime of infinite icons for $149.

  • 10. Iconjar

    Iconjar gives you the ability to store all your icons in one place, just one click away.

  • 11. Swifticons

    Swifticons by Designmodo is a premium set of 1624 high quality vector icons covering 17 categories in 3 editable styles: outlined, filled & colored. All for $98.

  • 12. Smallicons

    Smallicons offers 350 flat icons set in small sizes that were created using Photoshop vector shapes and feature in 2 sizes: 64x64 and 32x32. You are welcome to change them according to your project needs. 54 free icons are available or 400 icons for $29.

  • 13. Icons 8

    A single icon pack with 11,200 free icons. Each icon is in 5 flat styles. Download as PNG, SVG, or as a font. Packs priced from $149.

  • 14. Jollyicons

    Jolly Icons is a set of 400 hand-drawn icons painted with love to add personality and joy to your project. All icons are available in many formats and scalable. For designers that want to create a hand-drawn website, application, presentation or print media. Buy for $29.

  • 15. Iconmonstr

    Free simple icons for your next project. ‘Nuff said.

  • 16. Flaticon

    If you can't find what you want at Freepik mentioned above, then drop into their other site, Flaticon. A worthwhile tool that converts fabulous icons into web fonts.

  • 17. Pixelbuddha: 100 Responsive Line Icons

    Line Icons for your next web project, especially a responsive one. 100 icon concepts with 3 different size and style versions, each of them containing various amounts of detail. The icons are based on 3 different grid sizes: 16x16, 32x32 and 64x64. The line weight always stays the same, 2px, which gives them a super-consistent look. Of course, since they are crafted as vector shapes, size is not a limiting factor. Subscribe to get them free.

  • 18. Endless Icons

    Free Icons and creative stuff for creative peeps.

  • 19. Smashicons

    Smashicons claims to be the only icon set that offers 3500 icons in 4 distinctive styles. That's 14000 icons ready to be used in any creative project. Link attribution for freebies, $99 for 100 icons freelance license (see details) and $199 for 200 icons agency license.

  • 20. Foody Icons

    Deliciously free icons that cover all major meals of the day and more!

  • 21. Ego Icons

    1500+ vector icons for iOS, Android and wayfinding signs free for a limited time.

  • 22. Minimalistic Icons

    Minimalistic Icons are a clean, scalable and editable icon set. They are free for commercial and personal use. The package includes the icon set in Ai along with a brief licence agreement. The icon set is royalty free for personal and commercial use.

  • 23. Littlebox

    Littlebox icons are made entirely with CSS and they're free!

  • 24. Transformicons

    Cool name, cool logo! Transformicons are animated icons, symbols and buttons using SVG and CSS. Free and contributors are welcome.

  • 25. Materialize

    You can find 740 Material Design Icons.

  • 26. Essential Icons

    A free Iconset containing an essential set of icons you need for UI building. Handcrafted with love, path for path. Use it for free in commercial and non-commercial works, no crediting needed.

  • 27. Linea Iconset

    Linea is a free iconset by Dario Ferrando. Svg, Png and Iconfont, in the name of Pixel.

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