CSSDA V6. A Community Collaboration.

CSSDA V6. A Community Collaboration.

The CSSDA crew wish to thank the amazing collaboration team that have generously given their time to help build the new CSSDA V6 site. We are humbled by the enthusiasm of our collaborators and can't wait to share V6 with the greater community. The new V6 site will feature the work of no less than 15 amazing professionals.

The new V6 site has some very cool new features, particularly in both the UX and dev but it's the people involved that sets it apart. We reached out to the community to see what would happen if we initiated one of the industry's largest collaborations to date and the results are superb. This meant creating a platform that embraces an organic vs structured approach that is underpinned by a clear design direction to ensure a seamless end product.

After designing and developing our 5 previous sites inhouse with no external input, it was time to dedicate our 6th version to the community and involve some of the people that have helped CSSDA become one of the world's leading award platforms. The new V6 site is all about connecting and sharing, just as much as it is about building a showcase worthy of the sites and designers that fills its pages.

Without further ado, please join us in thanking the following talented and dedicated people for rolling up their sleeves to help make V6 a true community site (coming soon!).

In first-name alphabetical order:

Special thanks to:
Our fans and followers (you rock, did you know that?)

Our apporach to building the new CSSDA V6 site is a little bit experimental but we feel very confident the result will be worth it. It's quite different from our current site - in a very good way. We think you'll be pleased and thank you for your patience. After all, all good things take time ;)

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