Design / Dev Feed #1

Design / Dev Feed #1

A weekly collection of design and development feed

  • CSS-only Weather App Concept by David Khourshid

  • CSS-only Calendar App Concept by David Khourshid

  • CSS Animated Headlines by CodyHouse

    A collection of animated headlines, with interchangeable words that replace one another through CSS transitions.

  • Recreating the Firewatch Parallax Effect by Hamish Macpherson

  • Material Palette - Material Design Color Palette Generator by MaterialUp

    Choose your favorite colors and get your Material Design palette generated and downloadable.

  • CSS Animation for Beginners by Rachel Cope

    A walk-through of the basics of CSS animation

  • Mobile Animations & Interactions by Dmytro Prudnikov

    Mobile UI, material design animations & interactions

  • Elastic SVG Elements by Codrops

    Some inspiration for elastic components with SVG shape animations for enhanced UI interactions

  • Material Interaction by Jongmin Kim

    Interactive experiences for Google's Material Design Principles

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