Design / Dev Feed #14

Design / Dev Feed #14

A weekly collection of design and development goodies - issue #14, featuring Full Slider Prototype, Animation Principles for the Web, Product Preview Slider, Scrolling Type Effect, Paperfold JS, Color Combination Contrast, Text Input Effects, Font Pair, KernType, CSS Devices, Add To Cart Interaction, Pure CSS font experiments and more.

  • Full Slider Prototype by Gláuber Sampaio

  • Animation Principles for the Web via CSS Animation

  • Product Preview Slider via CodyHouse

    An easy way to show more product images and variations right in the product gallery.

  • Paperfold JS (3D Paperfold Animation Library) BY Felix Niklas

  • Scrolling Type Effect by Chris Huie

    Flexible scrolling effect that resizes based on word length

  • Color Combination Contrast Tester by Brent Jackson

  • Pure CSS3 Face Animation & Web Visibility by Karsten Buckstegge

  • Some More Inspiration for Text Input Effects via Codrops

    A couple of more inspirational styles for text input effects including some new techniques and ideas.

  • Font Pair by Mills Digital

    Font Pair helps designers pair Google Fonts together.

  • KernType - a kerning game by Mark MacKay for Method of Action (an oldie but a goodie)

  • CSS Devices - Simple pure CSS iOS devices for mockups by Luke James Taylor

  • Add To Cart Interaction by Virgil Pana via CodePen

  • Pure CSS font experiments

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