Design / Dev Feed #18

Design / Dev Feed #18

A weekly collection of design and development goodies - issue #18, featuring Material Design Audio Player, Landscape Parallax Using CSS, Tab Menu Overlay, Login Box Concept, Fullscreen Slideshow, CSS Inbox User Interface, Grid Item Animation Layout, CSS Non-WebGL Globe Demo, Circular Fly-Out Navigation Menu and more.

  • Material Design Audio Player by Michael

  • Landscape Parallax Using CSS by Dave Chenell

  • Tab Menu Overlay by Ettrics

  • Fullscreen Slideshow by Nikolay Talanov

    Based on

  • Login Box Concept by Jamie Coulter

  • Grid Item Animation Layout via Codrops

    A responsive, magazine-like website layout with a grid item animation effect that happens when opening the content.

  • CSS Inbox User Interface by Jamie Coulter

  • CSS Non-WebGL Globe Demo by Edan Kwan

    Using PerspectiveTransform.js and visual trick to create a 3D CSS globe

  • A Pen by Amelia Wattenberger

  • Circular Fly-Out Navigation Menu

  • Video Mag Cover by Krz Szzz

    Using YouTube API & greensock tweening (hover corners of the mag to see it moving).

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