Design / Dev Feed #35

Design / Dev Feed #35

A weekly collection of design and development goodies - issue #35, featuring Pure CSS Bars, 'Scribble' Image Reveal with SVG & Blend Modes, Material Resume, HalfTone.SVG, Color Hunt, Free Bootstrap Theme 'Snow', Strategies for Cache-Busting CSS and more.

  • Pure CSS Bars by Rafael González

  • 'Scribble' Image Reveal with SVG & Blend Modes by Dudley Storey

  • Material Resume by Codrin Pavel

  • Free Bootstrap Theme 'Snow' by Visual Soldiers

  • How DNS Works by DNSimple

  • HalfTone.SVG by Shaw

    Convert images to halftone SVGs.

  • Color Hunt by Gal Shir

    Color Hunt is a curated collection of beautiful colors, updated daily.

  • Strategies for Cache-Busting CSS via CSS-Tricks

  • WebGL Shader by Matthew Willox

  • A Lonely Invader by Andy White

  • Yoga! by Gerard Ferrandez

  • Localizing Times in JavaScript via CSS-Tricks

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