Design / Dev Feed #44

Design / Dev Feed #44

A round-up of the best design and development goodies plus a few new editions - issue #44 (last issue of 2015), featuring A-Frame, Reading Progress Indicator, Colorify.js, Animated Map Path for Interactive Storytelling, Easy Ionic Side Menu Transitions and more.

  • Pen of Rock - Guitar (Play Me!) By Josh Ellis

  • Time Changing Landscape by Julia Lim

  • Music Player by Alex Fernandez

  • Pure CSS Loading Bar Button by Jamie Coulter

  • Springy Popup Card by Nathaniel Watson

  • Speedometer by Arnelle Balane

  • Pure CSS Steps by Rafael González

  • Animated Book Cover by Chris Gannon

  • colofilter.css by Luky Vj

    Duotone filters made with CSS

  • A-Frame

    An open source framework for creating WebVR experiences with markup.

  • Reading Progress Indicator

    A widget containing a list of suggested articles, with a reading progress indicator powered by SVG, CSS and jQuery.

  • Colorify.js by Luky Vj

    The simple, customizable, tiny javascript color extractor

  • Animated Map Path for Interactive Storytelling by Lucas Bebber via Codrops

  • Easy Ionic Side Menu Transitions by Jamie Coulter

  • Presentation Slideshow via CodyHouse

    A simple presentation template in CSS and jQuery.

  • CSS-only Colorful Calendar Concept by David Khourshid

  • DevTools Challenger by Rachel Nabors, Kory Bing, Jessica Paoli, Jennifer Fong & Matthew Potch

    A narrative, interactive web-animation workshop, set deep in the ocean *and* in Firefox Developer Edition

  • Particle Effects for the Code in the Dark Editor by Joel Besada

  • SVG Balloon Slider by Chris Gannon

  • mo · js by Oleg Solomka

    Motion graphics library for the web with tutorials and demos

  • Stretchy Navigation via CodyHouse

    A rounded navigation trigger that stretches on click/tap to reveal the navigation items.

  • Multi-Level Menu via Codrops

    A simple multi-level menu with delayed item animations and an optional breadcrumb navigation and back button.

  • Hamburger Menu Lines Animation by Nikolay Talanov

  • FontReach by Jesse Chase and Jason Chen

    Scans the top sites to show font usage across the web.

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