Digital Design Days: Milan, 27-28-29 October

Digital Design Days: Milan, 27-28-29 October

Next October Digital Design Days & Award will bring at Nhow Milano an extraordinary line-up of speakers to celebrate creativity in digital design, together with the best Italian and international designers, visionary storytellers and innovative thinkers.

Some of the speakers: • CLAUDIO GUGLIERI, former Design Director at Fi e Creative Director at Elephant • DAVID McCANDLESS, author, data journalist and information designer • UNIT9, a cinema, gaming, virtual reality and digital design technology multimedia company • SAIZEN MEDIA, creative agency based in Los Angeles and Milano , specialized in interactive digital products • ALEX JENKINS, Creative Director and interactive Storyteller with the agency Designed for Life • JAKOB KAHLEN, Designer & Creative Director based in Copenhagen • ACCURAT, information design agency • MEDIAMONKS, a digital production company specialized in the creation of web sites, videogames and movies • GOOGLE, global leader for online services.


The most important festival for post digital culture lands for the first time in Italy. There will be international speakers ready to share their visions to feed the future. Offf is a community that invites anyone who is ready and eager to learn, to take inspiration and travel between conferences, happenings and shows. A combination of creative, offline/online designers, motion designers, thinkers, sound designers, graphic designers, theorists, developers, professionals, students, people who are just curious. Offf is the meeting point where talent from all over the world gather and collaborate.

Speakers: • HECTOR AYUSO, OFFF founder and creative director • ANTON & IRENE, former creative directors of a Manhattan agency, presently designers in Brooklyn • VASAVA, Design & Communication Studio in Barcelona • SEHSUCHT, movie production house specialized in animation, design and VFX • GMUNK, Graphic Designer with over a decade expertise as Design Director for the motion graphics industry • CARLA CASCALES, graphic designer and illustrator in Barcelona, specialized in branding, space design, editorial design and visual arts • IDEO, global company applying a design-based human-centred approach to help companies and organizations of the public and corporate sectors to innovate and grow • THE MILL, FX & Creative Content agency based in London • ARS THANEA, Advertising Agency and Production Studio founded in Poland in 2007 • MUCHO, global boutique design studio ,Barcelona, Newark, Paris, San Francisco and New York.


There will be workshops and laboratories to help the participants meet and discuss with gurus and professionals of Digital Design: responsive environments, digital post-production, webGL development, and more. All this will happen within the same location, in rooms adequately and specifically organized.

  • RESPONSIVE ENVIRONMENTS | by Sorob Louie (english)
  • COMPOSITING AND MATTE PAINTING | by Francesco Marzoli (italiano)
  • SO, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? | by Hector Ayuso (english)
  • PROJECTION MAPPING | by Studio Aira (italiano)
  • WORKSHOPS ARE BEAUTIFUL | by David McCandless (english)


Check out all the details including the Digital Design Award, Installations and networking party at

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