Free PSD Roundup: 20 Top Tools and 65 Free Tuts...

Free PSD Roundup: 20 Top Tools and 65 Free Tuts...

Introduction To Photoshop Scripting (vs actions)

Question... why should we would learn to script if Photoshop already has pretty nice actions? The answer according to Kamil Khadeyev via Smashing Magazine is interactivity. When you use an action, you can’t really control how it behaves in different situations; it is like a videotape that just keeps playing again and again without any change.

Head over to Smashing Magazine to learn more about how automation can help you save a ton of time via psd scripting.

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Behance Photo Builder

The Behance Portfolio Builder: Photoshop Action + PSD is a small useful tool for users of Behance from Kirill Koulikov.

Get The Behance Portfolio Builder

Free Long Shadow Photoshop Action ~ Flat Style

Thanks to Aram Mirzoyants, you can now create long shadows in photoshop via this nifty free action, perfect for your flat designs. Compatible with PS CS3 to CC.

Get The Free Long Shadow Photoshop Action

Free Long Shadow Photoshop Action ~ 3D Style

More from Aram Merzoyants, this time its Long Shadow 2 with a cool 3D shadow effect. You can choose between 2 directions and 2 shadow lengths (255px and 85px). Easy to use. Pixel perfect. Ideal for 1024 px icons. Compatible with PS CS3 to CC.

Get The Free Long Shadow Photoshop Action ~ 3D Style

pLighten / Darken Color (Script)

Captain Awesome (AKA Kamil Khadeyev) has come up with a small script that helps dealing with color in Photoshop, he thought that it might be useful and decided to share it. Nice. Long story short, the script makes it possible to setup hotkeys for changing a foreground color's brightness...

Get the color script from Captain Awesome

RotateMe Photoshop Action

Another goodie from Captain Awesome, this time it's an action that clones objects in a circle. There are two versions with 12 and 36 copies for shape layers. To make clones with shapes you need to select them with Path Selecton Tool (A) first and then use 12 (shape) or 36 (shape) action...

Get RotateMe from Captain Awesome


Ashung Hung has shown some xmas spirit by providing AutoSave for free via the Adobe Exchange site. Automatically save all documents every 5 Minutes/10 Minutes/15 Minutes/30 Minutes/1 Hour...

Get AutoSave

2X Size Scaler

A photoshop extension for App designers that lets you double the size of your design with one click thanks to Ray over at GitHub.

Get The 2X Scaler

RealSizer Script

RealSizer is a Photoshop script for mobile UI designer, also from GitHub. It helps you to display your designs at real size on a computer monitor, and real size printing for your design.

Get RealSizer

Export To Android Script

This script by Uncorked works by duplicating the selected layer (or layergroup) to a new document, then scaling it to each of the 5 common Android sizes (XXHDPI, XHDPI, HDPI, MDPI, and LDPI) and then putting the files inside a folder next to the PSD.

Get Export To Android Script

Photoshop Tones Action

This photoshop action creates tones (shades and tints) of a color. It comes in handy when you need to create color palettes. Thanks to Wunmi Atewologun.

Get Photoshop Tones Action

Layout Wrapper 'Flat' Edition

A cute little script for Photoshop that wraps your document with a Safari browser window, now in flat style. Made by Vadim Sherbakov via dribble.

<pGet The Layout Wrapper


SuperPNG is a free Adobe Photoshop plug-in for using PNG ("ping") files. It has more comprehensive support for the format than Photoshop's included plug-in and provides control over alpha channel handling.

Get SuperPNG


Renamy is a multiple layers renaming plugin for Photoshop. It lets you select a lot of layers and rename them in 1 click plus you can keep all layers' names in your list, add or delete names...

Get Renamy

TemplateGen Beta (Script)

Captain Awesome is back with another script. This time it is intended to help you to deal with templates in Photoshop. Thanks Cap'n!

Get TemplateGen Beta (Script)

Group Layer Renaming Script

The Cap'n has made a different script to help you with group layer renaming. Script can append, prepend or replace layer name with entered text...

Get The Group Layer Renaming Script

Perspective Tools

A panel or set of scripts for making vanishing points and orthogonal projections by Sergey Kritskiy via hundredsofsparrows. You will need to see the video he provides for a detailed explanation...

Get The Perspective Tools

Expanding Smart Objects Script

Not the Cap'n again! Yes, this time with a script to expand Smart Objects in Photoshop. Talented seaman!

Get The Expanding Smart Objects Script

Tych Panel 2

The makers of Tych Panel 2 say that this is the ultimate diptych, triptych & ntych automation tool for Photoshop. Cool. Now to find out what a diptych is...

Get Tych Panel 2

Every iOS Icon Maker

When you create any kind of app that will go on Apple’s App Store, they require you to have an icon for your app. Well because of the number of different devices and resolutions out there, you’ll need multiple copies of this icon before submission. This script can do that for you in a few seconds! Thanks to Apps By Night.

Get Every iOS Icon Maker

and finally.... 65 Amazing Photoshop Tutorials

Thanks to WDH there is no way you can get bored over the holidays with this list of 65 awesome photoshop tutorials created and generously made available for free by some of the top international photoshop experts. They cover a range of topics including graphic design, typography, art, illustration and photography. Enjoy!

Get The 65 Amazing Photoshop Tutorials Via WDH

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