Interactive Data Visualization Tools

Interactive Data Visualization Tools

15 Creative Data Visualization Examples:

1. 100 Years Of Rock

by Brittany Klontz for

A timeline that creatively displays 100 years of the evolution of rock with audio samples from gospel to grunge.

2. Where Does Coffee Come From?

by NowSourcing

An interactive infographic that explores the visual representation of a coffee bean's journey from bean to cup.

3. Drake Equation: How Many Alien Civilizations Exist?

by David McCandless, Piero Zagami, Chambers Judd, Duncan Swain, Marley Whiteside, Wolfram Alpha

Calculate the number of possible alien civilizations in three easy steps with this clever interactive chart.

4. GED VIZ: Visualizing Global Economic Relations

by Jan Arpe

An excellent example of transforming something that sounds brain-numbingly boring into something cool.

5. Billionaires

by Kim Albrecht

A very creative approach to visually representing the data for the famous Forbes' Billionaires List.

6. Here Is Today

by Luke Twyman

An elegant and creative way to look at time.

7. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

by Pitch Interactive

A visualization of all documented drone strikes in Pakistan since 2004.

8. What Is Consciousness?

by David McCandless, Jez Burrows, Lindsay Noble, Joshua Lee

An Interactive questionnaire that simplifies one of life's most complicated questions.

9. The Startup Universe

by Accurat, Ben Willers &

A visual guide to startups, founders & venture capitalists. The Startup Universe displays and explores the relationships between startup companies and their founders and investors (Venture Capitalists) since 1990.

10. Data Paris

by Gilles Bertaux, Vincent Garreau, Rémi Fayolle, Robin Lambert

Nicely presented data on Paris and the Parisians localized through the metropolitan network.

11. The Billion Dollar-o-Gram 2013

by David McCandless and Tom Evans

Explores the visual representation of how to spend 1 billion dollars.

12. Who Runs The World?

by David McCandless, David McCandless, Laura Sullivan, Alexia Wdowski, Tatjana Dubovina, Jack Hagley

Rollover the graphic to see who really runs the world.

13. World's Biggest Data Breaches

by David McCandless, Tom Evans, VizSweet Balloon Race, Miriam Quick, Ella, Hollowood, Christian Miles, Dan Hampson

Selected losses greater than 30,000 records due to hackers

14. Kepler’s Tally of Planets

by Jonathan Corum

Here is the data from NASA’s Kepler mission that has discovered more than 190 confirmed planets orbiting distant stars.

15. Wikipedia Worldview

by Wikipedia

See the world through the eyes of Wikipedia

Tools: is a community platform for data visualization and infographics.


Dataseed is an open platform for data visualisation, exploration and analysis.

It creates infographics and interactive online charts.


Convert your LinkedIn profile into a beautiful infographic in one click.


Piktochart is an easy infographic design app that requires very little effort to produce simple and high quality graphics.


D3 is a JavaScript library for visualizing data with HTML, SVG and CSS.

Found is our way of sharing the best articles, resources and tutorials that find their way to the eyeballs of the CSSDA crew.

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