The Winners Of DOTY 2016 Are Here!

The Winners Of DOTY 2016 Are Here!

Designer of the Year (DOTY) is a special celebration honoring the skilled teams and individuals behind the incredible work that graces the showcase of CSSDA. It's a time to spotlight the amazing people that inspire us all.

Thanks to the sheer amount of talent out there we added extra categories to ensure that all those that deserve recognition receive the applause they so deserve. Further to this we have extended the power of our esteemed judging panel to encompass DOTY 2016 while also including the runners-up for each major award.

Enough talk. Please join us in celebrating the winners of DOTY 2016!


Resn wins Designer of the Year 2016!


Top 5 runners-up:

  • Hello Monday, USA
  • Dogstudio, Belgium
  • Build In Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Immersive Garden, France
  • Unit9, UK



Adoratorio wins Designer of the Year S 2016!


Top 5 runners-up:

  • Waark, France
  • Wild, Austria
  • Akaru, France
  • ToyFight, UK
  • Bonhomme, France  |  DUNCKELFELD, Germany  |  Mashvp, France  |  Oblio, USA



Giovanni Xu wins Best Solo Designer of the Year!

DOTY Solo Designer

Top 5 runners-up:

  • Alexander Engzell, Sweden
  • Lorenzo Bocchi, Australia
  • Georges Benjamin, France / Japan
  • Pier-Luc Cossette, Canada
  • Jenny Johannesson, USA



Best Visual Designer of the Year

Alexander Engzell, Sweden

DOTY Solo Designer


Best UI Designer of the Year

Lorenzo Bocchi, Australia

DOTY Solo Designer


Best UX Designer of the Year

Pier-Luc Cossette, Canada

DOTY Solo Designer


Best Front-end Developer of the Year

Antoine Wodniack , France

DOTY Front-end Developer


Best Breakthrough Designer / Developer

Georges Benjamin, France / Japan

DOTY Solo Breakthrough Designer / Developer


Best Breakthrough Studio of the Year

Waaark, France

DOTY Best Breakthrough Studio


Best Emerging Studio of the Year

ToyFight, UK

DOTY Best Emerging Studio


Best Code Wranglers

Where would the digital world be without experimentalists? Last year we thought it fitting to introduce a unique commendation that shines a light on the people that spend countless hours perfecting the little things that drive big innovation in the web design and dev industry. Best Code Wrangler is a special accolade for code-loving experimentalists.

  • Gregor Adams, Germany
  • Nicolás J. Engler, Argentina
  • Robin Delaporte, France
  • David Khourshid, USA
  • Chris Gannon, UK


Best In Country

  • Austria: WILD
  • Belgium: Dog Studio
  • Bulgaria: eDesign
  • Canada: Akufen
  • Chile: Trama Studio
  • Denmark: Spring/Summer
  • France: Immersive Garden
  • Germany: DUNCKELFELD
  • Ireland: WONDR
  • Italy: Adoratorio
  • Latvia: Vide Infra
  • Japan: STUDIO DETAILS Inc.
  • Spain: Veintidós Grados
  • Mexico: Foo Studio
  • Netherlands: Resn
  • Russia: Braind Agency
  • UK: UNIT9
  • USA: Hello Monday


DOTY Special Collaborators Commendation

  • Tool, USA
  • Knock, USA
  • DUNCKELFELD, Germany
  • Indicius, Argentina
  • Lorenzo Bocchi, Australia
  • Gregor Adams, Germany
  • Alexander Engzell, Sweden
  • Antoine Wodniack, France
  • Admir Hadzic, Germany
  • Jeff Corey, USA
  • Lucas Nikitczuk, Argentina
  • Codyhouse, UK
  • David Khourshid, USA
  • Riccardo Marconato, Italy


DOTY Special Kudos

DOTY Special Kudos will be awarded to select agencies, studios and solo designers / developers that impressed the judges and were close to winning in their relevant category. Certificates will be awarded in the coming days.

That wraps up the 2016 Designer of the Year!

Massive congrats to all winners and a huge thank you to the judges, community and fans!

AWARD RECIPIENTS: Please contact us to collect your certificate if you do not receive it within 14 days.


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