WOTY 2016 & GREATEST CL/CKS 2010 - 2016

WOTY 2016 & GREATEST CL/CKS 2010 - 2016

Website of the Year 2016 is coming!

Another year of amazing work has zipped by which means it’s almost time to celebrate the CSSDA Website of the Year for 2016! This year’s line up of judges totals 150 and thanks to an awesome collaboration with Dunckelfeld we are very happy to present a brand new WOTY 2016 site for your experiential pleasure.

We’ll be posting more info soon along with an official launch date so stay tuned! Massive thanks to Dunckelfeld!

Submit and win GREATEST CL/CKS 2010 - 2016!

Not only did we team up with Dunckelfeld to create a new WOTY experience, we also partnered with KNOCK Inc. to create our inaugural book GREATEST CL/CKS 2010 - 2016.

All sites submitted from now on will go in the draw to win 1 of 3 special limited edition copies of GREATEST CL/CKS each month! This limited edition book features a black-on-black cover, hot stamped foil edges, spot UV and comes in at 252 pages packed with inspiration. For those wishing to own a copy of GREATEST CL/CKS asap, we have a something special just for you. In the weeks following the launch of WOTY 2016 we’ll be introducing you to the “Premium Classic” version of GREATEST CL/CKS that will be available for purchase.

November is BIG. Stay tuned for more info as we get even closer to WOTY 2016 and remember to submit your sites to be in the running for WOTD, WOTM and WOTY and the limited edition GREATEST CL/CKS 2010 - 2016 book!

About GREATEST CL/CKS 2010 - 2016

The CSSDA crew in collaboration with KNOCK Inc. is proud to present a printed volume featuring a premium collection of award winning work by the world’s leading digital artisans. A true collector’s item, GREATEST CL/CKS features all Website of the Day winners from January 1 to June 30 2016, plus a lovingly hand-curated collection of the best award winning sites spanning the years 2010 - 2015.

Take a walk through web design history and see the trends, people and collaborative culture behind one of the design world’s most creatively explosive periods in history. Pixel by pixel and line by line, the people being honored in GREATEST CL/CKS strive forward to make something beautiful, engaging, and click-worthy for the benefit of the entire virtual world.

GREATEST CL/CKS 2010 - 2016 is a collaborative project between CSSDA and KNOCK Inc. We sincerely thank KNOCK Inc. for their creativity, professionalism and wonderful insights that helped make this book possible.

  • 736 sites
  • 650+ designers
  • 252 pages

Here are some pics of the special limited edition version. Enjoy!

Big thanks to our sponsors Chop-Chop, Themeco, Ignite Online, Big Drop Inc., Coulee Creative and Nucleo!

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