It's quite strange to be here to talk about our "cool agency name" (you said it).
The story of Adoratorio is strange. I imagine no-one would say it - but it's the result of super-fast rebranding.
Once upon a time, when our agency was composed of Camilla and Enea, we decided to name our agency "Ki-Tsune", a Japanese word meaning "fox".

We are super passionate about the Japanese culture and there's a pretty nice story behind "Kitsune". It's a marvellous legend and if you'd like to read it, you can find the whole story on Wikipedia. Suffice to say we didn't opt for this name out of lack of inspiration. It was after a few days, and after our first submission to some web awards, that we were forced to change our name because an uber-famous fashion brand decided that our existence as "Ki-tsune" would surely confuse their clients.

So.. realizing that going to a courthouse in Paris with the aim to discuss our name wouldn't have been possible - we opted for a change. Now I can honestly say that this has been one of our greatest fortunes!

The world "Adoratorio" was in my mind for years.

The first time I met her, I was listening to one of my favorite Italian bands: Verdena. Adoratorio is the title of one of their most famous tracks: it's an instrumental and catchy piece; and, I have to be honest: my heart was blasted by its name before the music. It was like love at first sight. Being that I defined myself as a "writing fetiscist", I had kept a list of my favorite words, particular words and unusual words. You see, Italian as a language is really fascinating and musical. We have tons of words and basically have a word to express whatever.

Adoratorio in Italian, even if it doesn't have a proper meaning, gives you the suggestion of a place in which you simply adore. "Adore" is not strictly connected to religion or that kind of stuff, it is more like a form of total love. It is like when you iconize your object of love and the thing becomes so much more than just love: it is love and desire and lust and something even connected to sexuality in a certain way.

Omg, I don't mind to bother you with semantics, but it's really difficult to translate how many things an Italian word can communicate: it's all about shades and undertones. So, let's go back to when I chose Adoratorio as one of my favorite words ever.

When we finaly had the necessity to turn our original name into another name, the process was pretty easy and natural. I and Enea (who knows about my "favorite-words-list") decided at the same time and without any doubt for Adoratorio. And from the beginning it felt really natural, like we had always been Adoratorio.

All of a sudden we understood - we nailed it. And that's all.

Today we continue feeling great with our name and it's amazing: Adoratorio has become so much more than just a "name". Today Adoratorio is a concept, the main expression of our vision: Adoratorio is a place in which we have total care of each project. We don't take projects we don't like, or clients whom we don't connect with.

And that's the true essence of Adoratorio and the end or just the beginning of the whole story.

Adoratorio is an award winning creative collective of designers with the aim to develop visionary communication projects.