Alee Foroughi

Alee Foroughi

To talk about the biggest influences on my work; My father is a famous designer in Iran, so one of the greatest influences on my career was him. I like the way he works so I have learned the required skills and tried to be a successful designer like him. Although my father doesn't design websites, he helped me to achieve to this position in my career.

Ronik Food & Drink Company made a huge change in my professional life. I was 15 when they needed a person to design their website. The managing director of Ronik had a meeting with my father and I was there. I said to myself "Yes! it's time for a bold move". I had not designed a website before but they trusted me and I got my first freelance project. Fortunately it was successful and I received more requests from other companies to design their websites and these helped to shape my current professional career.

I'm happy with my peers at Swan Design Studio. They always motivate me to go for the big goals. You can't reach success without a talented team.

By the way, I'm really into listening music while I'm designing. I believe my works are influenced by the type of the music that I'm listening to. I get inspired but it's hard to tell you what I mean by this. It's just a sense, I feel it.

I'm fan of abstract arts in other fields of creativity. You can find inspiration from abstract paintings. As an example, I designed my personal website with influences of some abstract paintings from an art exhibition I visited.

My competitors have had a positive influence on me. They make me try harder to be better than before. I always follow their new works and analyze them. If you want to improve your career you should compete.

The way I see it, my strongest work was my personal website. Fortunately, it won prizes and awards such as CSS DA WOTD and Codrops most inspirational website of week. To explain features, I used SVG objects to mask images in triangle shapes and also used the parallax effect to create an artistic architecture that produced expected results.

As a result, I believe influences provide opportunities and opportunities make you grow.

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