Matthieu Kobler

Matthieu Kobler

My inspiration has evolved a lot in recent years.
I used to follow the work of agencies like Group94, KokoKaka, Fantasay Interactive and Tha ltd. Their websites were always well designed, well developed and have carefully designed ergonomics. Each new production was a great surprise. At that time, Flash was still alive and experiential sites were the standard.

Nowadays, the landscape has changed a lot. I have more inspiration coming from worldwide studios, ideas come from everywhere and from any device. Desktop, mobile, tablet, kinect, oculus etc. The possibility to combine more than one device offers infinite creation.

Even though Werkstatt is a digital studio, one of my most important sources of inspiration comes from print because of its sharpness, research on composition and typographic choice. Most of our AD's have print experiences.

I also find alternative inspiration to take some distance with the « daily » web practice such as video games, touch screens from Porsche museum ;), cars dashboards etc. Everything is digital, all is interfaced.

Softwares are also interesting in their interface/ergonomic. The navigation of Robert Jaso’s website was partly inspired by Adobe Bridge. I found crazy Maya's hotbox; it appears in the middle of the screen when you press the spacebar. No need to navigate through all the screens to find a button. When I discovered Raffael Stuken’s portfolio, I wondered if he was inspired by Maya. Raffael, if you read me...

Mobile and tablet apps are mostly full of ergonomic tricks, especially those which use the native functionalities of the device. I think especially at Christophorus, which even if it's a bit old (not available anymore on the Apple store), hasn't wrinkled. Edition after edition, they have always known how to reinvent themselves.

I recently did the sorting in my bookmarks and some old flash site, almost 10 years old, may emerge today in html.
Finally, the Werkstatt team is mainly my source of inspiration. Everyone has his own influence, references, discoveries, skills and shares them with the team. Our added value comes from the great diversity of each of our talents, in which we take great pride.

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