Jan Kristian Haavi

Jan Kristian Haavi

I will start off with the biggest cliché - the internet is full of inspiration. It has opened up an arena for everybody to showcase their work. Sometimes it could be a little bit intimidating. But I must confess that I spend hours looking at different sites and design in general. And not only design, but products, architecture, interior design, art, short films among many other things. I browse sites offering inspiration such as pinterest, ffffound, designspiration, behance, vimeo and etc. on a weekly basis.

Coming from a more traditional Graphic Design background I still get inspiration from that field. Even though most of my work today is digital I still look at books, magazines and identities to get ideas.

Technology has made it possible to translate the visual language from print to digital surfaces. And adding 3D and moving images you have endless possibilities to choose style and direction. I also look at title sequences, 3D animated short films and games. There is a lot to learn when it comes to telling a story and how you want to present it visually.

I believe the industries are influenced by each other. But one thing that will always separate the best from the rest is the storytelling. If you have an interesting story to tell that engages and interacts with people you will always get attention.

At Apt we are encouraged to be curious and try out new things. As a digital company wanting to be at the top it is crucial to have people that are dedicated and genuinely interested in solving problems and pushing new technology to new levels. Creating an environment where people have the mandate to explore is vital to our business. This nurtures creativity and transfers knowledge between us. Some of the best projects at Apt are made when all disciplines are involved combining different skills and knowledge. That's when we push those limits and create work that we are most proud of.

I also live by the philosophy "Work hard, play hard". Being a creative designer or a developer is intense at times, getting deeply involved in projects and dedicating almost all your time and energy to it. Therefore it is important for us at Apt to create a social playground on and off work. Getting out of the office for academic meetings, trips, doing sports, attend conferences or just going down to the pub. Happy Designers are Creative Designers.

And don't forget! Sometimes it's good to take some time off. Just to get a breather and experience something outside the office. It's like a relationship. It's healthy to miss each other once in a while. It gives you motivation and energy to want to go back and produce even more.

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