Fabio Merlin

Fabio Merlin

Creativity is a world where inspiration is the most important thing. I'm inspired by everything, a sound, a shopping window, a panoramic view, a picture. I keep watching everything while surfing the web, or walking down the streets of my city or driving my car through Italy. I love learning, and I am a curious person.

I watch the other agencies and designers to discover web excellence. When I find inspiration, I try to improve it further through my vision and my identity. The research never stops, and it's crucial to know how to invent and develop ideas.

An ability that I try to put every day into my work and my team is shaping a digital culture. This improvement is possible: first of all by creating a mix of young talents - they are full of potential, enthusiasm and passion - with senior figures - that bring experience, knowledge and control. The best part of this mix is that you get lots of inspiration every day!

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