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Senior Front End Developer

Resn (Shanghai, China )
Posted: 15 May 2017
Employment: Full-time

Resn are bringing our digital secrets to Shanghai! Join our world class team of digital alchemists in creating groundbreaking work for the best clients in the world. Masters of interactive and experts in all things digital, we’re looking for passionate doers and thinkers to join us in our first China studio! If you’re a level 1000 in the digital arts, then enquire within!

Resn Shanghai is looking for a senior creative JavaScript developer to make all our digital dreams come true. What sets you apart is your ability to make the front end come to life through code driven animations, transitions and more than just a few touches of class. In fact, you are all class. You have a keen visual eye and understand the importance of making it look amazing. You care as much about the visuals as you do about the code.

You have made and used particle systems, physics engines, audio reactive experiments, and can differentiate easing functions from each other at a distance of 100 meters. On a broken screen. In full sunlight. You also get a little hot under the collar when talking about the latest web technologies and frameworks. You possess a deep understanding of the limitations of browsers and devices as you try to squeeze every drop of performance out of them. You have the experience and confidence to lead and manage a small, talented team on exciting and challenging projects. You are passionate and driven to make the best interactive experiences on the planet.

If this sounds like you, then we would love to chat about creating boundary-pushing interactive experiences with us.

Skills List

  • JavaScript, Backbone, RequireJS or other structural frameworks
  • Git/SVN
  • A great knowledge of and ability to learn new tools quickly Inspirational leadership and impressive calm in the face of adversity

Bonus Points

  • Backend skills, such as NodeJS, Ruby or PHP
  • Hosting infrastructure knowledge
  • WebGL
  • Any other visually driven development languages
  • Experience developing browser based games
  • Mobile app development

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