Please share a summary of yourself and your career "in a nutshell" to help introduce you to the community.

I have always liked to invent stuff since I was a kid. I would play music and invent my own tunes since I was 8 years old. At the age of 18, I started a rock band for which I ended up writing about 70 original songs, and I started considering making a living out of it. Finally, I realised that I didn't want a life as a musician, but I still wanted to use my inventiveness to make a living. At the same time, I was studying Business Management because I liked entrepreneurship and the idea of having my own business. I had always liked graphic design, but thought it was hard to get a job as a designer. Finally my brother convinced me, so I started reading a lot on the subject and got completely fascinated by the mixture of art and business that design has. After 4 years of freelancing and learning as an autodidact, I got into Dribbble and got noted by some agencies, out of which Aerolab struck me for their quality work and amazing team. Since then I've been working for them.

In The Beginning:

1. Can you remember who or what gave you the idea to begin a career in design?

Short answer: God. As I look back, every event in my life led to me being a designer. I don't believe in chances; I think we are part of something much greater than ourselves.

2. What was the first website you were involved in designing and / or developing and how well did it go?

My friend contacted me because his father (a great Architect with clients like Maradona) needed a website. I had never done a complete website on my own, but I took the leap. My friend's father was very happy with the result, so it was a very encouraging experience that helped me keep pushing forward on my dreams.

3. How would you describe your career thus far? Is it all going to plan or is there no plan?

I'm very happy with my career so far. Since I started my design career a little bit late due to the change in direction, the last few years I have dedicated a crazy amount of hours and effort to get to where I am. And yes, there's definitely a plan. I think it's very important to set clear goals, and to have a plan to accomplish them.

4. What career advice would you give to yourself if you could send yourself a "temporal text" 5-10 years into the past?

Give yourself time to understand that it's a process.

Favorite Things:

1. What are your favorite aspects about working in design?

I love taking a bunch of data, rough ideas, and vague concepts from a business, understanding them deeply and being able to turn them into solutions that are enticing enough to achieve both the goals of the business and the goals of the users. And innovating is always a goal in every work I do. I like and strive to push the boundaries of what's possible.

2. If you could pick only one favorite project from your experience thus far, which would it be and why?

I think Aerolab's website would be the best project for me because we had a generous time frame and a great team with lots of time, so we were able to question everything, explore a lot, and come up with a result that was truly built from the core.

3. What would be your favorite trend in web design and development from the last 5 years?

I like how more and more graphic designers are switching from the print industry to the digital one. I think they're bringing a lot of value to the industry, elevating the status bar of what an interactive design should look like.

4. Are there any favorite trends you would like to see more of in 2016?

To be honest, I hate trends. As Dieter Rams said, good design is both innovative and long-lasting. To achieve those two things, I think the key is to explore the core essence of the business we're designing for, and make the correct choices to communicate it in a visual way. The use of trends, on the contrary, gives birth to designs that lack uniqueness (because every flipping website you see has the same visual styles) and short-lasting (because once the trend is dead, the design goes obsolete).

Life Hacks:

1. Did you always want to work in the creative industries or did you consider any other career options?

I considered and studied business management for 4 years. Then I switched to design.

2. Do you have a good work and life balance or is it a work in progress? Any tips?

I think I do. Working at an agency makes it a lot easier though. But I remember that in my freelance days it took a lot of discipline and self development to maintain the right balance. Learning to say no, setting clear boundaries, managing your own expectations where some of the things I struggled with during that time.

3. What advice would you give to younger professionals wanting to find success in design?

Don't get obsessed in seeing results too quickly. Take the time to follow the natural process, and work with other people who can help you get better: on a professional level for sure, but most especially on a personal level.

4. If you had all the money you would ever need, what would you do with your life?

The same thing I'm doing now: do all my best to help others have a happy life.


1. What type of projects and what industries do you prefer to work in?

I love experimental projects that allow everyone involved to explore new grounds. That usually occurs on side projects or on big clients with a lot of money and a great vision... so... not very often! I like any industry that values design.

2. What memorable challenges or highlights have you experienced from the projects you have worked on?

One challenge I remember was dealing with a completely incompetent client that made everyone in the team go crazy. It helped me to let go of my expectations and learn to help the client in the best way possible, despite the ugliness of the result.

And a highlight would be not a project, but an exclusive Motion UI course I had the privilege of participating dictated by Craig Dehner, one of Apple's former Motion Designers. The combination of his talent and humbleness had a huge impact on me.

3. What are your, or your company's, greatest strengths?

My strengths could be that I'm very focused and self-driven. Aerolab's strength I think is the quality (both personal and professional) of the people they choose.

4. What is the latest project you worked on or what are you working on right now?

My latest project was an experimental side project we did at Aerolab. We're still developing it, so I can't show you that much.

Thank you for sharing an insight into your world. Any last words?

Thank you guys for the opportunity!

Adrian is an Interactive Art Director, passionate about visual communication, working at Aerolab as a UX/UI Designer, a multi-award winning agency from the beautiful Buenos Aires.