In The Beginning:

1. Can you remember who or what gave you the idea to begin a career in design?

When I was a kid I remember how fascinated I was for the design of movie posters like Indiana Jones, Rocky, Star Wars or Mad Max. I remember looking the design of the logos for each movie and thinking how original they were. I also loved football and liked to look at the logos designed for each world cup and everything around it. So I guess somehow all of this influenced me and guided me in the direction of design.

2. What was the first website you were involved in designing and / or developing and how well did it go?

I started doing multimedia presentations in Macromedia Flash at that time. So I did my first personal portfolio with a very basic design and a rough structure. I had fallen in love with Flash and I was very enthusiastic about trying different animations and transitions on it. I used it to finally get my portfolio presentation finished. Somehow I met Dreamweaver and this presentation turned into my first ever website.

3. How would you describe your career thus far? Is it all going to plan or is there no plan?

I think nothing ever goes as planned, and that's the fun on it. In my career I had some ups and downs as in life, but always I try to learn from them and to be honest I think that life gave me more of what I was asking for. So I feel I am a very lucky guy. I've been lucky enough to work in different countries, helping me to grow and learn from great people and different processes.

4. What career advice would you give to yourself if you could send yourself a "temporal text" 5­10 years into the past?

I would say: Love what you do, it's not going to be easy and it's not going to get easy at any point but if you like it, you can be good at it. Life can surprise you!

Favorite Things:

1. What are your favorite aspects about working in design?

The feeling of creating something that is on your mind and just making it happen.

2. If you could pick only one favorite project from your experience thus far, which would it be and why?

It's really hard to choose just one project. Each project represents a different challenge and each project teaches you something new. But I would choose the Blood Scroll project for The Colombian Red Cross. Was a simple rich media banner, but it got so much attention that opened the doors for me, giving me all the opportunities that I am enjoying today. Sometimes you just need one project to change everything!

3. What would be your favorite trend in web design and development from the last 5 years?

Interactive videos, images or animations are my favorite trend in the past years. And when I say interact, I meant more then just clicking something. I mean becoming part of something. A movie, a story, a song, and transform something into another thing. I think websites are made for interaction. A lot of people say that everything is about the content, and that is true. But I personally think that everything is also about how to sell that content. If the content is not shown in an interesting way, the user is not going to read or take a look at the content or even worse, spend enough time on the website. An interactive element will transform the user from a passive viewer to an active user that interacts with the site, the brand and its content.

4. Are there any favorite trends you would like to see more of in 2016?

My favorite trend would be not to follow trends. I would like to see how can we transform all the current trends in something new. That way we actually can surprise people and find innovative websites that can not be defined as parallax websites, editorial or flat and material design, all of this part of the same landscape.

Life Hacks:

1. Did you always want to work in the creative industries or did you consider any other career options?

I think it is big decision when you have to choose what career to study, but yes I almost took a different path and thought of studying journalism or architecture. In the end I decided to study advertising and to be honest my career was focused more in strategy than graphic design but I always enjoyed the creative process and thanks to that, I started working as a designer. I learned by doing and by looking at the work of people more talented than I was.

2. Do you have a good work and life balance or is it a work in progress? Any tips?

This is always going to be a work in progress. Sometimes it is balanced, sometimes it is not. But in general, I try to enjoy my life and keep in touch with the important people around me.

3. What advice would you give to younger professionals wanting to find success in design?

Success is tricky. Just do what you love. Do everything with the best intentions and always give 110%. The rest will happen by itself.

4. If you had all the money you would ever need, what would you do with your life?

Create a design company and keep doing what I love. And yes traveling around the world too.


1. What type of projects and what industries do you prefer to work in?

I think any project or industry has the potential to become a memorable project. But what I enjoy mostly is creating microsites or websites for a specific campaign. My favorite industries to work with are: Social, Cars, Music and Technology.

2. What memorable challenges or highlights have you experienced from the projects you have worked on?

Every project has their own challenges and problems so it is really hard to think in one right now. I remember I had to design a smart face for a smartwatch for Android. This wasn't especially hard to work on, since the specifications were clear and helpful. But it was something new for me and I had never imagined myself working on this sort of thing as a designer. But overall I enjoyed it and I learned something new.

3. What are your, or your company's, greatest strengths?

Never give up.

4. What is the latest project you worked on or what are you working on right now?

In the last few months I have worked on some small projects and one of them was for a satellite company located in the U.S. You can see two examples from one of the internal pages. The second one is a website by Ford allowing people to create and design their own billboards for the last Ford Campaign that was released in the U.S.

Thank you for sharing an insight into your world. Any last words?

Thank you very much. Was an honor to be part of this and I hope to contribute even more in the future.

Jorge aka JOGA is a Freelance Sr. Designer / Art Director from Colombia with 7 years experience. He lived and worked in amazing places like: Bogota, Cape Town and Amsterdam. He loves making awesome projects and good friends from around the world.