Judging an international design competition is no easy task. It takes a special kind of person that is willing to give their time and experience for the betterment of the industry.

It's time to shine a spotlight on these special individuals and dig a little deeper to see what makes them tick. Therefore, on behalf of the CSSDA founders and crew, please enjoy the following interview with one of our esteemed judging panel members.


Richard Boiteux is the co-founder of Akaru Studio and Giant Steps media .

Time Warp:

1. When and what was your first ever computer? Can you remember the spec?

My first computer was the Amiga 500 in 1990 ^^ I used it only to play video games of course.

2. When and what was the first website you were involved in designing/developing? Which elements of the project did you do? Can you remember the 'cutting edge' tech used at the time? How did the site turn out and what did this experience teach you?

I worked for Silmarils, a French rock band. We created a Flash website in 2003 where you could walk with one of the members of the group through a virtual city. The goal was to visit a bar, a music shop, a strip club in order to unlock content (videos, music, interview...). It was a really cool and rock&roll spin on a GTA style website.

3. Which project has been most rewarding for you over the course of your career and why?

The Akaru's website was rewarding but challenging. As you know there is nothing harder than working for yourself. We rebuilt it from scratch, with a new identity (logo, charter), wording, interactive concept with websocket technology to take control of the site from your mobile.

4. What career advice would you give to yourself if you could send a 'temporal text' 5 - 10 years into the past?

Have fun in your job.

5. Better still, if you had your own hot tub time machine, what time period would you travel to and why?

Back to the 90s !!!!!!! To see my favorite bands play live one more time.

Favourite Things:

1. What are your favourite aspects about working in design?

Creating and innovating while meeting the constraints and requirements of our customers.

2. What are your favourite design tools, sites, fonts and resources right now?

Award sites are a great resource for me, as are codepen, UI movement, art spire, pinterest, and many more.

3. What are your favorite devices right now from mobile to desktop?

My Macbook pro.

4. Which 3 cities would be your favorite to open an office in and why?

I imagine 2 places. Tokyo for the creativity and the design style and I think Tokyo is the only place where I'd dream to live. And of course New York if I could work on an amazing project with and unlimited budget. I love this amazing town where I never have a bad time.

Life Hacks:

1. How do you stay motivated?

It's not easy to stay motivated 24h/24 and 7days/7. Everybody needs breaks. I take moments out into the wild to practice sports and enjoy my family.

2. Do you have a good life/work balance? Could it be improved? If so how?

I have a good life/work balance.

3. Do you have any career advice for young designers and developers?

Try to find your own style, and use the ideas of others to develop and push your own creativity. Don't be conventional, be original.

4. How do you keep up with the latest trends & tech?

We're constantly checking the new tech out and we work on innovation in the lab.

5. If money was abolished and nobody needed to work anymore, what would you do with your life?

Travel around the world to meet people with my children. Eat as much of the local specialities as possible. If I get too fat, I'll be off snowboarding or dirt biking!

Versus: In your opinion...

1. Are great designers born Vs. made by experience?

Made by experience.

2. Is the best long term goal to be a founder Vs. freelance Vs. full­time job?

Full-time job!

3. iPhone 6s vs Samsung S6 vs other?

Iphone 6S.

4. Printed book vs eBook?

Printed book.

5. Star Trek vs Star Wars?

Star Wars.