The international web awards for solo designers, studios & agencies

Presenting The Official Judging Panel For 2015

We are honored to present the official CSSDA international judging panel featuring a dream team of web professionals that come together to judge the best websites in the world at the end of each month and year.

  • Brian Beaver

    Brian Beaver

    Brian is Vice President of Design at Eventbrite with 15 yrs of award winning digital experience.

  • Todd Paulson

    Todd Paulson

    Todd is chief creative officer/partner at KNOCK, inc. and has over 20 years of experience working with numerous award winning campaigns.

  • Jan Kristian Haavi

    Jan Kristian Haavi

    Jan Kristian is Designer and Head of Design at Apt, an award winning Oslo based digital agency that creates engaging solutions.

  • David Lai

    David Lai

    David is the CEO/creative director at Hello Design. He provides strategic and creative leadership and has won numerous awards over 15 years.

  • Manoela Ilic

    Manoela Ilic

    Manoela aka Mary Lou is a co-founder at Codrops and a freelance designer & developer with a passion for interaction design and UI design.

  • Peter Kang

    Peter Kang

    Peter is co-founder and principal at Barrel. For the past 8+ years, he's led creative direction and UX, helping clients navigate and succeed in digital.

  • Snorre Martinsen

    Snorre Martinsen

    Snorre is a Creative at T/A POL. He has 9+ years of experience as an award winning Art director in agencies like Naked and Saatchi & Saatchi.

  • Fadi Shuman

    Fadi Shuman

    Co-Founder of BORN with 15+ yrs experience across strategy, design, UX & technology. Fanatical about eCommerce.

  • Richard Boiteux

    Richard Boiteux

    Richard co-founded the multi-award winning agency Akaru in 2007 and has 15+ years experience in web, mobile and digital communications.

  • Kevin Wong

    Kevin Wong

    Kevin is the founder of Why Interactive. He likes finding inspirations from daily life and turning human needs into digital creative.

  • Michi Del Rosso

    Michi Del Rosso

    A visual artist & UI/UX designer, Michi co-founded Awd Agency and serves as creative director. He loves design, fashion and the beauty of ideas.

  • Keitaro Suzuki

    Keitaro Suzuki

    A creative division manager in SHIFTBRAIN, Inc. Keitaro played key roles in TOYOTA Dream Car of the Day, Panasonic LAMDASH DNA, and more.

  • Emmanuel Cruellas

    Emmanuel Cruellas

    Co-founder & Creative Director of Bonhomme and a multi-awarded Art-Director. Specialist in Interactive Design & Innovative technologies.

  • Matthieu Kobler

    Matthieu Kobler

    Former astronaut, formula 1 driver, surgeon, astrophysicist; with plenty of choice, he chose digital. Co-founder & Creative Director at Werkstatt.

  • Simone Magurno

    Simone Magurno

    Creative director at Impossible Bureau. I am responsible for crafting design systems and leading my team by thorough practices and common sense.

  • Alejandro Vizio

    Alejandro Vizio

    Creative Director at Aerolab, passionate for digital products, trying to improve the internet experience by building an impressive & talented team.

  • Mayra Metaxa

    Mayra Metaxa

    Founder and front end web developer at lab21, Mayra first began freelancing in web design and development for leading agencies in 2007.

  • Mark Allardice

    Mark Allardice

    Executive Creative Director at BORN, specialising in ecommerce, online advertising and user experience for luxury fashion and lifestyle brands.

  • Adam Hartwig

    Adam Hartwig

    Adam is a Senior Creative Developer at B-Reel, a team of storytellers and technologists creating new ways to connect brands and audiences.

  • Mathieu Schatzler

    Mathieu Schatzler

    Mathieu has been the Creative director of Wokine since 2007 and has 5+ years exp as a freelance designer in web design, graphic design & branding.

  • Tom Anderson

    Tom Anderson

    Tom is Co-Founder and Creative Director at Green Chameleon, a multi-award wining digital design and marketing agency.

  • Sean Hobman

    Sean Hobman

    Sean is Head of Design at UNIT9 and through his career has designed & lead projects for Nike, Emirates, Lincoln, Lexus, Bentley, & EA Games.

  • Ryan Brussow

    Ryan Brussow

    Ryan is CEO & ECD at multi award-winning Teamgeek. With 13 yrs web & mobile experience, he has worked with some of the world's biggest brands.

  • Larry Gerard

    Larry Gerard

    Larry is a multi-award winning UX Designer at Dogstudio. His clients include Google, Microsoft, B-Reel, Dragone, Instaply and more.

  • Ken Braun

    Ken Braun

    Ken is chief creative officer/founder of Lounge Lizard Worldwide, Inc. Ken is also Webby Awards Judge and inducted member of the IADAS.

  • Shogo Tabuchi

    Shogo Tabuchi

    Shogo is Art Director at digital creative agency AID-DCC Inc. He heads up all art direction, web design, front-end development, and illustration.

  • Marek Suchanek

    Marek Suchanek

    Designer and Art director, Marek is the co-founder of CREATIVE NIGHTS, where rationality meets visual aesthetics and perfection.

  • Catalina De Leon Belloc

    Catalina De Leon Belloc

    Founder of The Purple Bunny and Lead Designer at Indicius & Toi. Catalina has been focused on the user's experience for 10+ years.

  • Jared Chelf

    Jared Chelf

    Jared is co-founder of Coulee Creative, a tight knit team of artists and strategic thinkers that specialize in innovative website design.

  • Mariana Luna

    Mariana Luna

    Interactive Director at Grupo W, Mariana leads Art & UX/UI in diverse projects and works with global brands to deliver digital solutions.

  • Filip Arneric

    Filip Arneric

    Filip is a multi-award winning web developer, UI/UX designer and also co-owner of Kitchen Prague, where he heads up digital development.

  • Luke Li

    Luke Li

    Luke is an Art Director that was "made in China & developed in the US”. Known as lukeiscrazyman, he creates unique digital experiences.

  • Alexander Moyse

    Alexander Moyse

    Digital Director at Frank Digital, Alex has made digital ideas come to life for 10+ years via strategy, design, development, and digital producing.

  • Tristan Dwyer

    Tristan Dwyer

    Tristan is the Digital Experience Director & Tech Lead at White Rhino and heads up their Addictive Experience (AX) practice to B2Bs.

  • Olga Shevchenko

    Olga Shevchenko

    Olga is an Art Director at Vintage Web Production and is an award winning designer with over five years of experience in design.

  • Colin Orij

    Colin Orij

    Freelance digital native at Bold Interactive & former concept strategist at MediaMonks with 10+ years experience in digital.

  • Alexander Engzell

    Alexander Engzell

    Alexander is the Founder & Creative Director of Bonne Marque. He reimagines brands, providing award-winning reflections of his talent.

  • Lorenzo Bocchi

    Lorenzo Bocchi

    Lorenzo is an Italian Art & Creative Director + UI & UX + Photographer + Front-end Developer. Currently in Sydney.

  • Marco Lopes

    Marco Lopes

    Marco is a designer at Farfetch and is driven by digital & interactive design. He is passionate about crafting innovative digital experiences.

  • David McGillivray

    David McGillivray

    David currently leads UI/UX design at AYR where he spurs innovation in digital product design, e-commerce, and digital marketing.

  • Piotr Swierkowski

    Piotr Swierkowski

    Piotr is owner / Art Director at piotrswierkowski with 7+ yrs exp in web & mobile interface design and winner of multiple awards.

  • Tom Newton

    Tom Newton

    Tom is a senior digital designer with experience in big and small agencies who loves to tinker with code and make the web a better place.

  • Dalibor Hajdinjak

    Dalibor Hajdinjak

    Co-founder & creative director at Kreativa Studio with 7+ years experience, passionate about visual & interactive design.

  • Thomas Klinger

    Thomas Klinger

    Thomas is the founder and design director at PURENINE, a creative studio offering creative design solutions that help businesses grow.

  • James White

    James White

    Co-founder & creative director of Two at Six, a London based studio focusing on graphic & product design experiences.

  • Ron Edelen

    Ron Edelen

    Partner and Design Director at Myjive. 15+ yrs experience in motion graphics, UX & technology. Obsessed with design in the digital age.

  • Michaël Noiville

    Michaël Noiville

    Creative Director & Partner at FCINQ with 7+ yrs in digital. Creates experiences & visual identities with good ethics.

  • Steven Swann

    Steven Swann

    A Digital/Creative Director at Mando Group with 15+ yrs exp. Clients include Barclays, HSBC, Diesel, Canon, Disney, PlayStation, Toyota and more.

  • Fabio Merlin

    Fabio Merlin

    Creative Director at AQuest, a digital agency among the top 10 in the world for creativity and development awards.

  • Lucas Nikitczuk

    Lucas Nikitczuk

    Director at NK studio with 10+ yrs experience. Focused on maximizing brands by building strong communication strategies.

  • Isusko Artabe Rodríguez

    Isusko Artabe Rodríguez

    Isusko is Executive Creative Director at Dimension, a small but powerful creative & strategic communications agency in Spain.

  • Stuart Bloodworth

    Stuart Bloodworth

    Creative Director & Co-Founder at We Are Empire. We make the complex measurable, create brands and engineer growth.

  • Filippo Spiezia

    Filippo Spiezia

    Art Director & Visual Designer ex Second Story/SapientNitro with fortune 500 clients. Multiple awards, hall of fame at EFX 2012.

  • Alee Foroughi

    Alee Foroughi

    Designer and Creative Director, Alee is founder of Swan and also leads Art & UI/UX at LimitLines, a team that creates digital solutions.

  • Orlando Festa

    Orlando Festa

    Founder at Roll Studio, formerly Motion/Graphic designer in broadcast and new media development. Builder and nurturer of digital teams.

  • James Noble

    James Noble

    James is UX Director & Co-Founder at Carter Digital. We create strategic creative customer experiences to transform and grow your business.

  • Philippe Hong

    Philippe Hong

    Award winning Art Director, UI/UX & Front end developer from France. Co-Founder of Currently in Sydney.

  • Jean-François  Thériault

    Jean-François Thériault

    Jean-Francois is Interactive Artistic Director for Lg2 with 17+ years of experience and has received numerous awards and distinctions.

  • Michele Angeloro

    Michele Angeloro

    Award-winning digital art director. Focused on direction, design, motion and interactive, currently creating new experiences at SHIFTBRAIN.

  • Pim van Helten

    Pim van Helten

    Pim van Helten is CEO of award-winning digital agency DPDK and has over 10+ years experience in creative strategy & digital production.

  • Virginie Delannoy

    Virginie Delannoy

    Freelance Art Director and Designer a.k.a. Fluonoir, primarily focused on digital x luxury with 12+ yrs exp working as a freelancer.

  • Bjarne Christensen

    Bjarne Christensen

    Bjarne is Partner & Creative Director at the Danish design and branding agency Stupid Studios and has 10+ yrs professional exp.

  • Michela Chiucini

    Michela Chiucini

    Michela is a Designer and Art Director at TAOSTUDIO, intuitive design systems with a touch of simpatia. Co-Founder of Coding Divas.

  • Nathan Riley

    Nathan Riley

    Nathan heads up a large chunk of the design work at Green Chameleon, a multidisciplinary agency based in the heart of Bristol, UK.

  • Oliver Ecker

    Oliver Ecker

    Oliver is a freelance Digital Designer & Creative Director from Cologne, Germany. Working in the digital space since 2006.

  • Stefano Caliandro

    Stefano Caliandro

    Stefano is Founder and Creative Director at Gusto Ids. He loves pixels, minimal design and few fonts. In the free time he likes to work ;-)

  • Adrián Somoza

    Adrián Somoza

    Adrian is an Interactive Art Director at Aerolab, a multi-award winning digital agency from the beautiful Buenos Aires.

  • Alex Mulder

    Alex Mulder

    Alex is Creative Director of Nimbletank and is responsible for crafting beautiful mobile first experiences.

  • Jorge Garcia

    Jorge Garcia

    Jorge aka JOGA is a Freelance Sr. Designer / Art Director from Colombia with 7 yrs experience. He loves making awesome projects and good friends.

  • Dalip Jaggi

    Dalip Jaggi

    Founder of Devise Interactive which focuses on the perfect harmonization of creative design & innovative technology.

  • Admir Hadzic

    Admir Hadzic

    Google UX Engineer Admir Hadzic is an award winning multi-disciplinary designer and Art Director with over 6+ years of experience.

  • Mercedes Bazan

    Mercedes Bazan

    Mercedes is a freelance UI/UX designer with additional experience in graphic design. Formerly a UI designer at Aerolab in Argentina.

  • Alessia Fachin

    Alessia Fachin

    Alessia is an award winning Web Designer & Web Developer at Adoratorio Creative Collective. She loves minimal design & typography.

  • James Warfield

    James Warfield

    James is an award winning Creative Director at McCann where he fuses strategy, art and creativity with digital.

  • Jon Vlasach

    Jon Vlasach

    Jon is an Art Director at Apple and former Digital Design Lead at BASIC with 8+ years focused on digital design and improving his craft.

  • Christian Werther

    Christian Werther

    Christian is Senior Product Designer & Associate Partner at the Danish award winning agency Umwelt and has 10+ years of experience.

  • Masateru Nishinaga

    Masateru Nishinaga

    Masateru is a designer and creative manager at Hot-Factory.,LTD and leads his team in art direction, web design and site construction.

  • Aaron Sather

    Aaron Sather

    Co-founder & Interactive CD at Super Top Secret, Aaron has worked with Nike, Oakley, Riot Games, Microsoft, University of Oregon & Ubisoft.

  • Esben  Sohl

    Esben Sohl

    Esben is a Senior Product Strategist & Associate Partner at Umwelt, working as digital, strategic and creative consultant helping clients in various digital channels.

  • Nicola Gasco

    Nicola Gasco

    Nicola is co-founder and Creative Developer at Vergani&Gasco with 15+ years of experience, he is driven by coffee.

  • Henrik Dreijer-Pedersen

    Henrik Dreijer-Pedersen

    Creative Lead at DIS/PLAY with 12+ yrs experience in art direction and concept development of digital experiences.