The international web awards for solo designers, studios & agencies

Presenting The Official Judging Panel For 2016

We are honored to present the official CSSDA international judging panel featuring a dream team of web professionals that come together to judge the best websites in the world at the end of each month and year.

  • Todd Paulson

    Todd Paulson

    Todd is chief creative officer/partner at KNOCK, inc. and has over 20 years of experience working with numerous award winning campaigns.

  • Jan Kristian Haavi

    Jan Kristian Haavi

    Jan Kristian is Designer and Head of Design at Apt, an award winning Oslo based digital agency that creates engaging solutions.

  • David Lai

    David Lai

    David is the CEO/creative director at Hello Design. He provides strategic and creative leadership and has won numerous awards over 15 years.

  • Manoela Ilic

    Manoela Ilic

    Manoela aka Mary Lou is a co-founder at Codrops and a freelance designer & developer with a passion for interaction design and UI design.

  • Jean-François  Thériault

    Jean-François Thériault

    Jean-Francois is Interactive Artistic Director for Lg2 with 17+ years of experience and has received numerous awards and distinctions.

  • Snorre Martinsen

    Snorre Martinsen

    Snorre is a Creative at T/A POL. He has 9+ years of experience as an award winning Art director in agencies like Naked and Saatchi & Saatchi.

  • Alejandro Vizio

    Alejandro Vizio

    Creative Director at Aerolab, passionate for digital products, trying to improve the internet experience by building an impressive & talented team.

  • Richard Mattka

    Richard Mattka

    Award winning Creative Director at Tool of North America. 10+ yrs exp, 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate, MTV, Apple, Sony & Google.

  • Kevin Wong

    Kevin Wong

    Kevin is the founder of Why Interactive. He likes finding inspirations from daily life and turning human needs into digital creative.

  • Fadi Shuman

    Fadi Shuman

    Co-Founder of BORN with 15+ yrs experience across strategy, design, UX & technology. Fanatical about eCommerce.

  • Simone Magurno

    Simone Magurno

    Creative consultant known as Serious Situations™, Simone specializes in design & creative leadership, creating visual languages and brands.

  • Cassiano Saldanha

    Cassiano Saldanha

    Creative Director at Apple Latin America. Cassiano served as ECD, CD & designer for R/GA, Ogilvy San Francisco, Publicis, JWT & DDB.

  • Emmanuel Cruellas

    Emmanuel Cruellas

    Co-founder & Creative Director of Bonhomme and a multi-awarded Art-Director. Specialist in Interactive Design & Innovative technologies.

  • Mayra Metaxa

    Mayra Metaxa

    Founder and front end web developer at lab21, Mayra first began freelancing in web design and development for leading agencies in 2007.

  • Orlando Festa

    Orlando Festa

    Founder at Roll Studio, formerly Motion/Graphic designer in broadcast and new media development. Builder and nurturer of digital teams.

  • Clay Weishaar

    Clay Weishaar

    Creative Director at Tool of North America. 12+ years of experience working at award winning agencies throughout Canada, Europe and U.S.A.

  • Stefano Caliandro

    Stefano Caliandro

    Stefano is Founder and Creative Director at Gusto IDS. He loves pixels, minimal design and few fonts. In the free time he likes to work ;-)

  • Peter Kang

    Peter Kang

    Peter is co-founder and principal at Barrel. For the past 8+ years, he's led creative direction and UX, helping clients navigate and succeed in digital.

  • Fabio Merlin

    Fabio Merlin

    Creative Director at AQuest, a digital agency among the top 10 in the world for creativity and development awards.

  • Michi Del Rosso

    Michi Del Rosso

    A visual artist & UI/UX designer, Michi co-founded Awd Agency and serves as creative director. He loves design, fashion and the beauty of ideas.

  • Filippo Spiezia

    Filippo Spiezia

    Art Director & Visual Designer ex Second Story/SapientNitro with fortune 500 clients. Multiple awards, hall of fame at EFX 2012.

  • Richard Boiteux

    Richard Boiteux

    Richard co-founded the multi-award winning agency Akaru in 2007 and has 15+ years experience in web, mobile and digital communications.

  • Tom Anderson

    Tom Anderson

    Tom is Co-Founder and Creative Director at Green Chameleon, a multi-award wining digital design and marketing agency.

  • Ryan Brussow

    Ryan Brussow

    Ryan is CEO & ECD at multi award-winning Teamgeek. With 13 yrs web & mobile experience, he has worked with some of the world's biggest brands.

  • Michela Chiucini

    Michela Chiucini

    Michela is a Designer and Art Director at TAOSTUDIO, intuitive design systems with a touch of simpatia. Co-Founder of Coding Divas.

  • Ken Braun

    Ken Braun

    Ken is chief creative officer/founder of Lounge Lizard Worldwide, Inc. Ken is also Webby Awards Judge and inducted member of the IADAS.

  • Pim van Helten

    Pim van Helten

    Pim van Helten is CEO of award-winning digital agency DPDK and has over 10+ years experience in creative strategy & digital production.

  • Keitaro Suzuki

    Keitaro Suzuki

    A creative division manager in SHIFTBRAIN, Inc. Played key roles in TOYOTA Dream Car of the Day, Panasonic LAMDASH DNA & more.

  • Alexander Engzell

    Alexander Engzell

    Alexander is the Founder & Creative Director of Bonne Marque. He reimagines brands, providing award-winning reflections of his talent.

  • Catalina De Leon Belloc

    Catalina De Leon Belloc

    Founder of Purple Bunny and Former UI/UX Director at Indicius. Catalina has been focused user's experience for 10+ years.

  • Jared Chelf

    Jared Chelf

    Jared is co-founder of Coulee Creative, a tight knit team of artists and strategic thinkers that specialize in innovative website design.

  • Mariana Luna

    Mariana Luna

    Product Designer at 23 Design, the only product design studio in Mexico, working with startups to design their products, their strategy, UX/UI, etc.

  • Alexander Moyse

    Alexander Moyse

    Digital Director at Frank Digital, Alex has made digital ideas come to life for 10+ years via strategy, design, development, and digital producing.

  • Filip Arneric

    Filip Arneric

    Filip is a multi-award winning web developer, UI/UX designer and also co-owner of Kitchen Prague, where he heads up digital development.

  • Tristan Dwyer

    Tristan Dwyer

    Tristan is the Digital Experience Director & Tech Lead at White Rhino and heads up their Addictive Experience (AX) practice to B2Bs.

  • Colin Orij

    Colin Orij

    Freelance digital native at Bold Interactive & former concept strategist at MediaMonks with 10+ years experience in digital.

  • Adam Hartwig

    Adam Hartwig

    Adam is a Senior Creative Developer at B-Reel, a team of storytellers and technologists creating new ways to connect brands and audiences.

  • Mathieu Schatzler

    Mathieu Schatzler

    Mathieu has been the Creative director of Wokine since 2007 with 5+ years exp as a freelance designer in web, graphic design & branding.

  • James White

    James White

    Co-founder & creative director of Two at Six, a London based studio focusing on graphic & product design experiences.

  • Nathan Riley

    Nathan Riley

    Nathan heads up a large chunk of the design work at Green Chameleon, a multidisciplinary agency based in the heart of Bristol, UK.

  • James Warfield

    James Warfield

    James is an award winning Creative Director at McCann where he fuses strategy, art and creativity with digital.

  • Esben  Sohl

    Esben Sohl

    Esben is a Senior Product Strategist & Associate Partner at Umwelt, working as digital, strategic and creative consultant helping clients in various digital channels.

  • Nicola Gasco

    Nicola Gasco

    Nicola is co-founder and Creative Developer at Vergani&Gasco with 15+ years of experience, he is driven by coffee.

  • Lucas Nikitczuk

    Lucas Nikitczuk

    Director at NK studio with 10+ yrs experience. Focused on maximizing brands by building strong communication strategies.

  • Virginie Delannoy

    Virginie Delannoy

    Freelance Art Director and Designer a.k.a. Fluonoir, primarily focused on digital x luxury with 12+ yrs exp working as a freelancer.

  • Adrián Somoza

    Adrián Somoza

    Adrian is a Senior Visual Designer at R/GA at R/GA, the company for the connected age, founded in 1977.

  • Admir Hadzic

    Admir Hadzic

    Google UX Engineer Admir Hadzic is an award winning multi-disciplinary designer and Art Director with over 6+ years of experience.

  • Jon Vlasach

    Jon Vlasach

    Jon is an Art Director at Apple and former Digital Design Lead at BASIC with 8+ years focused on digital design and improving his craft.

  • Lorenzo Bocchi

    Lorenzo Bocchi

    Lorenzo is an Italian Art & Creative Director + UI & UX + Photographer + Front-end Developer. Currently in Sydney.

  • Piotr Swierkowski

    Piotr Swierkowski

    Piotr is owner / Art Director at piotrswierkowski with 7+ yrs exp in web & mobile interface design and winner of multiple awards.

  • Christian Werther

    Christian Werther

    Christian is Senior Product Designer & Associate Partner at the Danish award winning agency Umwelt and has 10+ years of experience.

  • Dalibor Hajdinjak

    Dalibor Hajdinjak

    Co-founder & creative director at Kreativa Studio with 7+ years experience, passionate about visual & interactive design.

  • Shogo Tabuchi

    Shogo Tabuchi

    Shogo is Art Director at digital creative agency AID-DCC Inc. He heads up all art direction, web design, front-end development, and illustration.

  • Telmo Alves

    Telmo Alves

    Senior Creative at Mediamonks London. First-class creativity and art direction for some of the biggest brands across the world.

  • Isusko Artabe Rodríguez

    Isusko Artabe Rodríguez

    Isusko is Executive Creative Director at Dimension, a small but powerful creative & strategic communications agency in Spain.

  • Marco Lopes

    Marco Lopes

    Marco is a designer at Farfetch and is driven by digital & interactive design. He is passionate about crafting innovative digital experiences.

  • David McGillivray

    David McGillivray

    David currently leads UI/UX design at AYR where he spurs innovation in digital product design, e-commerce, and digital marketing.

  • Tom Newton

    Tom Newton

    Tom is a senior digital designer with experience in big and small agencies who loves to tinker with code and make the web a better place.

  • Alee Foroughi

    Alee Foroughi

    Designer and Creative Director, Alee is founder of Swan and also leads Art & UI/UX at LimitLines, a team that creates digital solutions.

  • Philippe Hong

    Philippe Hong

    Award winning Art Director, UI/UX & Front end developer from France. Co-Founder of Currently in Sydney.

  • Michele Angeloro

    Michele Angeloro

    Italian Art Director and Digital designer. Focused on direction, design, motion and interactive experiences that are beautiful and simple to interact with.

  • Oliver Ecker

    Oliver Ecker

    Oliver is a freelance Digital Designer & Creative Director from Cologne, Germany. Working in the digital space since 2006.

  • Jeff Corey

    Jeff Corey

    Jeff is Owner/Creative Director at Visual Soldiers, an award winning creative agency for cutting-edge web experiences & brands.

  • Masateru Nishinaga

    Masateru Nishinaga

    Masateru is a designer and creative manager at Hot-Factory.,LTD and leads his team in art direction, web design and site construction.

  • Jorge Garcia

    Jorge Garcia

    Jorge aka JOGA is a Freelance Sr. Designer / Art Director from Colombia with 7 yrs experience. He loves making awesome projects and good friends.

  • Alex Mulder

    Alex Mulder

    Alex is Creative Director of Nimbletank and is responsible for crafting beautiful mobile first experiences.

  • Richard Fenn

    Richard Fenn

    An award winning Freelance Art Director, Richard has 10+ years exp at agencies like AKQA and clients such as Nike, Nissan & McLaren.

  • Samuel Viani

    Samuel Viani

    Sam is a Brazilian Art Director & Designer in London. He focus in simplifying how people interact with brands as well as their services.

  • Nicholas Franchi

    Nicholas Franchi

    Interactive Art Director at Super Top Secret, Nick has worked with Reebok, Nike, Google, United States Air Force, and more.

  • Mercedes Bazan

    Mercedes Bazan

    Mercedes is a freelance UI/UX designer with additional experience in graphic design. Formerly a UI designer at Aerolab in Argentina.

  • Tomasz Błokowski

    Tomasz Błokowski

    Freelance Art Director at Graviomedia & Snr Designer at Webidea. Award-winning designer & creative consultant. 10+ yrs exp.

  • Marco Grimaldi

    Marco Grimaldi

    Marco, a Digital Art Director & Visual Designer, loves branding, typography & design. Worked at Roll Studio, Unit9 & Fueled.

  • Daniel Arenas

    Daniel Arenas

    A Freelance Art Director and founder of Sunday Morning, Daniel creates brand worlds that can live in and out of the screen.

  • Alessia Fachin

    Alessia Fachin

    Alessia is an award winning Web Designer & Web Developer at Adoratorio Creative Collective. She loves minimal design & typography.

  • Matouš Barnat

    Matouš Barnat

    Co-founder and Tech Lead at Creative Nights. Award-winning creative developer with 10+ yrs exp. Loves to explore innovative technologies & new exciting places.

  • Agustín Sapio

    Agustín Sapio

    Agustin is designer/owner at Agencia Ego alongside 30 dudes working for Santander Rio, Volkswagen, WOBI, Danone, Unilever, and more.

  • Gudmundur Sigurdsson

    Gudmundur Sigurdsson

    Gudmundur (gummisig) is the founder and Creative Director at Kosmos and Kaos, an award winning digital agency in Iceland.

  • Rob Martin

    Rob Martin

    Rob is Principal of San Francisco based Majorminor founded in 2009. Clients include Oracle, Complex, Fools Gold, and Sony Playstation.

  • Geoffrey Joe

    Geoffrey Joe

    Senior Digital Designer at MediMonks. Geoff has 7+ yrs experience in crafting award winning digital campaigns for web, mobile and digital communications.

  • Pete Stubbs

    Pete Stubbs

    CEO of award winning 2am, Pete has carefully nurtured every aspect of the company, from clients & staff to a renowned brand reputation.

  • Simon Carr

    Simon Carr

    Simon is founder & Creative Director at DesignUps, for startups & brands. Expertise responsive design & front-end development.

  • Jorge Sierra

    Jorge Sierra

    Jorge is an art director and designer currently working for Acne at their LA office. With several years of experience he focuses on UX and art direction.

  • Pete White

    Pete White

    Award winning art Director & Designer at Stereo. Pete has worked with Nike, MINI, Google, Oreo & the NFL. Previously at AKQA.

  • Bojan Wilytsch

    Bojan Wilytsch

    Former Design Lead at Worked in the past for clients like Google, Facebook, Adobe and The Weather Channel.

  • Aleksandr Motin

    Aleksandr Motin

    Aleksandr is a Creative Director & Co-Founder of Braind, an award winning digital agency from Russia. He is obsessed with details.

  • Tanguy Sauvin

    Tanguy Sauvin

    Founder, CD & Web Dev of Les Impertinents, Tanguy loves contrasts, strong grid & typography, animation, fluidity, lightness & UX.

  • Ale Urrutia

    Ale Urrutia

    Ale is co-founder/creative director at colorale, a creative design studio in Shenzhen that build great concepts all across the world.

  • Oriana Gaeta

    Oriana Gaeta

    A Digital Product Designer at Roll Studio, Oriana loves photography, typography, colours, and beautiful, working things.

  • Marek Andersson Piatek

    Marek Andersson Piatek

    Marek is an independent freelancer that promotes best UX & creative practices. He has founded / co-founded several interactive startups.

  • Christophe Cournaud

    Christophe Cournaud

    Creative director at 909c with 15+ yrs exp in digital advertising, web sites, branded content production, VR 360° 3D and vidéo projects.

  • Dalip Jaggi

    Dalip Jaggi

    Founder of Devise Interactive which focuses on the perfect harmonization of creative design & innovative technology.

  • Loic Sattler

    Loic Sattler

    Snr Director & Visual Artist Loic has passionately pushed pixels, digital experiences & attractive visuals since 2002.

  • Steve Fraschini

    Steve Fraschini

    Steve is a freelance Art Director & Interactive Designer with over 10 yrs exp as a music composer in the french music industry.

  • John Graham

    John Graham

    John is the Creative Director and Head of Design at 2am and has over 15+ years of professional experience.

  • Marie Dehayes

    Marie Dehayes

    Head of UX design at Viadeo and Lead Product designer. She loves creating clean & minimalist solutions for web and mobile experience.

  • Andre Venancio

    Andre Venancio

    Andre is a Freelance Snr Dev & Creative Technologist focused on exceptional user experiences. Ex Toaster, Razorfish, Unit9 and more.

  • Eric Grucza

    Eric Grucza

    A Front-end Developer currently at ENVOY, Eric has a passion for creating a more beautiful web, one project at time.

  • Clément Grellier

    Clément Grellier

    Freelance front-end developer in Paris who cares about design and UX. Also passionate about music.

  • Riccardo Marconato

    Riccardo Marconato

    Riccardo is a multi award-winning Creative Designer & Web Developer with a passion for interaction design and UI design.

  • Robin Noguier

    Robin Noguier

    Robin is a French UI/UX designer currently making cool projects at ueno. while freelancing. Formerly part of the great ultranoir team.

  • Lu Yu

    Lu Yu

    Lu Yu is a Graphic Designer focused on interactive & branding, and is part of the Semplice team, a leading portfolio system.

  • Giovanni Xu

    Giovanni Xu

    Giovanni is a French Interaction Designer based in Paris. He has a crush on smooth animations and loves playing with the layout.

  • ZHOU Wen Jun

    ZHOU Wen Jun

    ZHOU is Founder & Creative Director at 524 Studio. His vast experience includes judging international design awards in Italy & USA.

  • Daryl Brunsden

    Daryl Brunsden

    Award winning Web Developer at 2am, where he heads up the development team. Owner of Grizzly Hair.

  • Amelie Bracq

    Amelie Bracq

    Senior Art director at Bigyouth Paris and independent Illustrator for press, books & interactive data as MélieLychee. 9+ yrs experience.

  • Stephen Scaff

    Stephen Scaff

    Stephen Scaff heads up front-end design & development at Urban Influence. He's down with well-structured code and simple, fluid designs.

  • Diogo Dantas

    Diogo Dantas

    Diogo is a freelance designer in Lisbon working with clients across the world. He is passionate about details & project management.

  • Armand Biteau

    Armand Biteau

    Creative Technologist with a focus on crafting creative experiences, with innovative technologies. GIFs and WebGL fanatic.

  • Julien Ouvrel

    Julien Ouvrel

    Julien is Head of Production at We Are Social Paris. 9+ yrs exp leading interactive and innovative projects like immersive experiences and social campaigns.

  •  Martin Drabarek

    Martin Drabarek

    Martin is Creative & Art Director / Founder of DCG. 18+ years experience working with premium brands. Work dominated by "Less is more".

  • Ilenia Coppola

    Ilenia Coppola

    Front-end & Interactive Developer at AQuest since 2011 with 7+ yrs exp & numerous awards. Love design, creative & innovative technology.

  • Robin Delaporte

    Robin Delaporte

    Robin is a French Creative Developer over at Resn and is a CSS and smooth transitions lover. Robin is also a WebGL enthusiast.

  • Daniel Spatzek

    Daniel Spatzek

    Daniel is an award-winning Freelance Designer & Art Director with 8+ years professional experience in UI/UX design.

  • Hugo Albonete

    Hugo Albonete

    A Brazilian Designer at Work and Company, Hugo has designed for Volkswagen, Youtube, Eurosport, Showtime, among others. Living in NY.

  • Adam Roberts

    Adam Roberts

    Adam is a freelance Creative Director / Developer with 17+ yrs exp. Currently freelances under his studio and also works at Dotfive.

  • Axel Eerbeek

    Axel Eerbeek

    Axel is a Digital Designer at Bonne Marque and loves solving problems. He is focussed on digital and everything with a screen.

  • Jan Van Lysebettens

    Jan Van Lysebettens

    Jan is a snr des/dev at Little Miss Robot, an award-winning creative agency from Belgium, and a freelancer with 11+ yrs of experience.

  • Jesper Landberg

    Jesper Landberg

    Jesper is a creative front-end developer at Bonne Marque. His determination & talent promises an exciting future in the creative industry.

  • Valentine Boyev

    Valentine Boyev

    Valentine is a Co-Founder and Art Director at Heyllow, a provider of design resources and ideas for different startups.

  • Leona Hu

    Leona Hu

    Founder / DD at Airgora. Leona worked with Autodesk, Apple, Google, created Babio (app) and is the publisher of Showcase magazine.

  • Oli Harris

    Oli Harris

    Oli is a Senior Digital Designer at TK and has been crafting engaging experiences across a number of platforms for over 8yrs.

  • Bob Schuster

    Bob Schuster

    Bob is a Partner & Creative Director at Brevity. He has created brands & experiences for clients from startups to Fortune 100 corporations.

  • Oli Yeates

    Oli Yeates

    Oli is founder, CEO & Creative Director of award-winning digital agency Clicky Media with 10 years+ in web design & digital marketing.

  • Warren Everard

    Warren Everard

    Warren, a Snr Experience Designer, uses years of graphic design & branding experience to create digital with a human centred approach.

  • Arshak Khachatrian

    Arshak Khachatrian

    Arshak is Co-founder & Lead Dev at POP360. He's worked with Google, Coca Cola, Nike and Authored "Getting Started with Polymer".

  • Wu Zhonghao

    Wu Zhonghao

    Wu Zhonghao, professor, multi-awarded designer, international judge in USA, Italy, Mexico, Ukraine, South Korea, Jamaica, and China.

  • Konstantinos Riginos

    Konstantinos Riginos

    Kostas is a product designer at Code and Theory in New York who loves creating beautiful interfaces. In his free time he designs typefaces.

  • Riyadh Gordon

    Riyadh Gordon

    Riyadh is Head of Design for NATIVE VML with 10+ years pro exp. A passionate professional who thrives on brilliant ideas and executions.

  • Annelies Clauwaert

    Annelies Clauwaert

    Annelies is a Stockholm based designer that specializes in crafting unique digital creations with strong UI. Pixels and code keep her going.

  • Daniel Portuga

    Daniel Portuga

    Award-winning Assoc. CD, Daniel brings ideas to life at SapientNitro. 18+ yrs exp, 60+ awards, 100+ clients in UK, Singapore & Brazil.

  • Jesse Zoutewelle

    Jesse Zoutewelle

    Lead designer at Greenberry, Jesse blends illustration with smooth & sophisticated animation to create high end, engaging designs.

  • Gonzalo Fiorina

    Gonzalo Fiorina

    Gonzalo is an award-winning Snr Experience Designer working in digital for world-class brands, currently working at R/GA in New York.

  • Olga Shevchenko

    Olga Shevchenko

    A frequent speaker at conferences, Olga is AD & Head of Production at Vintage Web with nearly 250 projects and 60+ awards received.

  • Jeff Gapinski

    Jeff Gapinski

    Co-founder & chief creative officer at Huemor, an award winning New York interactive agency that creates memorable digital experiences.

  • Valentin Salmon

    Valentin Salmon

    Valentin is a freelance UX/UI / Interaction Motion Designer that has worked on projects from France, Europe and around the world.

  • Andrea Puccini

    Andrea Puccini

    Andrea is an Italian Art Director, Visual Designer & Front-end Dev with 10+ years of experience, primarily focused on digital design.

  • Sasha Turyshchev

    Sasha Turyshchev

    Sasha is the CEO & Creative Director at Zajno. He is a strong advocate of design thinking willing to educate his partners and clients alike.

  • Loris Stavrinides

    Loris Stavrinides

    Loris is a Creative Director & Co-Founder at BLEND with 12+ exp & multidisciplinary creative skills and worked for some of the biggest brands.

  • Francesco Bernabei

    Francesco Bernabei

    Francesco is Digital Director at ThinkCattleya and is in charge of all digital projects. Also Co-Founder of MONOGRID.

  • Adam Romano

    Adam Romano

    Adam is an award winning freelance Digital Art Director & Designer with 15+ years experience and 40+ major industry accolades.

  • Pablo Zarate

    Pablo Zarate

    Pablo is an award winner designer with 15+ years exp in designing digital products. Also Co-Organizer of CreativeMornings Buenos Aires.

  • Mark Goldstein

    Mark Goldstein

    Mark is Founder / CD at Nobody Studios. Specializes in design, branding & activation for 10+ yrs. Clients inc DKNY, Conde Nast & Google.

  • Pedro Duarte

    Pedro Duarte

    Pedro is a London based front end dev focussed on design & UX. Previous work: Google, Facebook, The Times, R/GA, Stinkditigal & more.

  • Mikha Makhoul

    Mikha Makhoul

    Interactive director, designer & technologist creating engaging experiences for Web, Mobile, VR & AR for the last 7 years. Based in Germany.

  • Robert Lowe

    Robert Lowe

    Award winning Digital Director at Mr B & Friends. 10+ yrs exp working with huge brands including Google, Budweiser, Microsoft & Samsung.

  • Filipe Moreira

    Filipe Moreira

    Filipe is an awarded UI & UX Designer at JWT Lisbon & MIFH Freelancer with 9+ yrs exp in building interfaces & products for humans.

  • Klaus-Martin Michaelis

    Klaus-Martin Michaelis

    Klaus is an award winning Art Director at Ogilvy Germany with more than 8 yrs of digital exp for CocaCola, VW, IBM, NESCAFÉ and more.

  • Ricky Rauch

    Ricky Rauch

    Ricky is a co-organizer at CSS Conf Argentina, previously Head of Design at Auth0, currently working as a consultant in San Francisco.

  • Henrique Alves

    Henrique Alves

    Henrique is a freelance developer with a focus on UX design. Previously Stinkdigital, Hailo, B-Reel. Tech mentor & builder of Céu.

  • Sergio Behrends

    Sergio Behrends

    Vice President of Engineering at Aerolab. Responsible for developing & coordinating projects using leading edge technologies.